GlassEco_CHD_ImageOur GlassEco product lines include a wide variety of elegant and contemporary hard surfaces and landscaping aggregate. The products are manufactured at our warehouse on the old Navy Base near Park Circle in North Charleston. The facility is day-lit and heavily ventilated by outside air, conserving electricity. By using a converted warehouse, this space was saved from destruction.

The countertops are individually handcrafted and customized, using 100% recycled glass and diverting tons of glass from our landfills. The epoxy used is Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and emits no off gassing. The newest product base is a high density, UV protected concrete. We now have indoor and outdoor options. As with the resin, the concrete offer the same creative aspects through glass choices.
Our glass derivative products satisfy the desire for a natural stone appearance, while eliminating the negative environmental impact of natural stone. The system we use crushes the glass and produces eight different sizes of cullet, so the potential for uses is based on your needs and your creativity. These hard surfaces are heat and scratch resistant, transforming both contemporary and traditional home and workspaces into unique and expressive environments.

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