New Oyster Shell Recycling Program – ABC News 4

By Joe Cascio and Raymond Rivera
ABC News 4

They are a staple for many in the Lowcountry, but often oyster shells from local restaurants wind up in landfills instead of being recycled; that is until now.

“If we can recover 1000 bushels a month and put them in our own beds it should be a good operation,” said Chris Fisher of Fisher Recycling Inc.

Here’s how the new oyster recycling program will work, participating restaurants will use large bins to collect their shucked shells, after being picked up by a recycling company the oysters will then be taken by DNR and returned to the ocean to help re-grow local oyster beds.

Which is particularly important, a recent study by the nature conservancy found that 85 percent of the world’s oyster beds that were around 100 years ago are now gone.

“Oyster beds are really important parts of the inshore marine ecosystem,” said Andy Jennings with SCDNR.

Organizers of the recycling program are hoping to collect at least 1000 bushels or 3000 pounds of oysters per month. So far 7 restaurants have already jumped on board…others are being encouraged.

For more info contact Joy Brown with The Nature Conservancy at 843-937-8807. Restaurants interested in participating can contact Chris Fisher at 843-881-3388.