Fisher Recycling Perfects the Art of Recycled Glass

If you know anything about recycling, you know that glass is not the easiest material to include in the recycle stream. Although it is 100% recyclable, it creates havoc on separation machines and picking lines. In fact, it is actually considered to be an undesirable material in the recycling mix throughout the industry and across the country. In fact, cities in the western part of the US and Nashville and Atlanta have already removed glass from their recycling stream.


Luckily for us, Fisher Recycling isn’t most businesses.

Fisher is South Carolina’s first full-circle vendor of recycled materials, creating the GlassEco product line that includes custom countertops from recycled glass for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Not only are these unique, one-of-a-kind creations beautiful additions to any home, but they each have a personal story to share.

One top may be filled with delicate glass from champagne bottles that were served at a wedding reception. Another countertop may have bits of oyster shell and a Bombay bottle — one of the more popular glass selections — that were both the product of a family weekend at the beach. All of these countertops are completely customizable, down to the size of the pieces of glass to the spacing between each piece. The best part? All of the glass used comes from recycled materials.

Yet, regardless of where the glass comes from, what is more important is where the glass isn’t going. By recycling glass and using it in an eco-friendly way, Fisher is able to keep the glass from being taken to a landfill, where it will likely sit and pile up for years on end. And right now, that’s where a lot of the glass in the Lowcountry is ending up.

Fisher recently changed their method of collection and shifted to primarily glass-only recovery. This is in response to changes in the region which have created a more pressing need for glass recycling.


Fisher is one of the only organizations that is currently accepting and recycling glass in the Lowcountry. One of the many things that helps set Fisher apart from other current recycling options is that any glass that is not reused to create eco-friendly countertops is transported to a glass-specific recycler that makes new bottles from the recycled glass bottles, bringing it completely full circle and guaranteeing that it is being recycled.

Fisher works directly with businesses, providing bins, education and daily, weekly, & bi-weekly pick-up. When the glass is separated from the rest of the recycling and placed in a Fisher bin, it is guaranteed that it will be given a new, functional purpose, it will kept out of the landfills and it will ultimately benefit our community.

So what can you do to get involved?

If you are a business, consider having a Fisher bin so you know exactly where your recycled glass is going. Contact us at for more information.