Fisher Recycling Named Preferred Provider for Commercial Glass Collection

Fisher Recycling is now the Preferred Provider of curbside glass collection services for Charleston area businesses. A partnership between Fisher and Charleston County’s Environmental Management department was solidified earlier this month as part of a state-wide mandate to reduce landfill waste.

Fisher Recycling will offer businesses an increased frequency of collections (up to 6 times per week), and that is good news for business owners and the environment alike. Businesses will have to pay for the convenience of curbside glass collection, but recycling helps to offset business expenses that are associated with commercial garbage removal.

An efficient recycling program for glass also stands to benefit the county at large. Charleston County unveiled a building plan for a 57,000 square-foot recycling center earlier this year, but that project will take at least a year to complete. In the meantime, the County will continue trucking recyclables out of county. Commercial glass collection will dramatically reduce the amount of glass being transported.

Commercial curbside glass collection through Fisher Recycling is for glass materials only to ensure proper handling and processing. Fisher Recycling is committed to recycling 100% of all glass collected and about 20% of that material will be reused in their locally manufactured GlassEco products. 

Businesses can register for curbside glass collection by calling (843) 554-6099 or emailing Glass collection services will include wheeled cars, cans for in-house collection and unlimited education for business owners and staff.