Eco-School Opening – Charleston Regional Business Journal

By Chelsea Hadaway
Charleston Regional Business Journal

Fisher Recycling, a commercial recycling business based in North Charleston, has announced plans to franchise in 32 states and open an “eco-school” at its headquarters in the Noisette community.

CEO, Chris Fisher made the announcement at his facility before a group of representatives from the S.C. Department of Commerce, the city of Charleston and the Commerce Department’s Recycling Market Development Advisory Council.

“The company already has franchising interest from 10 cities, as well as nine locations within Atlanta,” Fisher said.

Franchisees will get a trailer and 200 recycling containers to begin. They will be able to tap into accounts Fisher has set up with national companies such as Comfort Inn and Starbucks and then can add clients from among local restaurants and offices.

Owners of the franchises will be able to go through an “eco-school” at the Noisette facility, where they will learn about the recycling collection business and potential related business opportunities.

One of the potential business offshoots that Fisher is looking at is the glass market. Fisher currently breaks down glass to be recycled for various uses, the most notable of which is its mosaic counter-tops for homes and businesses.